NBA World Reacts To Dennis Rodman’s Surprising Admission


Legendary Chicago Bulls big man Dennis Rodman had a pretty surprising admission on his interest in today’s NBA.

He doesn’t really have any.

Rodman, who played in the NBA from 1986-2000, winning five championships, revealed to the Full Send podcast that he isn’t really a fan of today’s game.

“I don’t want to watch players coming down shooting 50 footers, you know. That’s not basketball,” Rodman said.

Well, it is basketball. It’s just not the kind of game that Rodman is used to playing.

Still, fans are saddened to hear that Rodman is no longer able to enjoy the game he gave so much to.

“But it’s literally basketball? ball goes into the net? The longer the distance the more impressive really,” one fan tweeted.

“The game has one point, put the ball in the basket more than the other team… The dunk was criticized as be boring too!” another fan added.

“And what is basketball? Rebounding? Lmao the game is literally about shooting the ball on the basket,” one fan wrote.

It’s understandable to not love everything about today’s game. However, Dennis is definitely missing out on some great action due to a dislike of long jumpers.


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