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More Details Emerge From Aaron Rodgers Contract News

The Aaron Rodgers saga added a new twist on Monday, but apparently it is not new information.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Tuesday that the Packers offered Rodgers a contract extension that would have made him the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. Rodgers declined, giving further clue as to what the veteran quarterback truly wants.

Though Schefter’s report was deemed Tuesday’s breaking news, the news itself is actually quite old. In May of this year, Bob McGinn of The Athletic reported Tuesday’s contract news and that Rodgers declined.

“In recent months, according to sources, the Packers have offered to make the 37-year-old Rodgers the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback,” McGinn reported, courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

Schefter’s report may be old news, but it’s an important reminder. Aaron Rodgers remains committed to not playing for the Green Bay Packers this fall. That, of course, could change at any given moment.

Though Rodgers declined the Packers’ contract offer, money could still be the issue. Him declining the offer could be a sign he doesn’t want a multi-year extension, but wants a salary bump for just a year or two.

It’s likely if Rodgers does play this upcoming season, it’s going to be for the Packers. There have been suggestions surrounding how Green Bay could make it work, and it’d involve a new contract clause that would ensure Rodgers is traded by the 2022-23 season.

Whether it be money or simply frustrations surrounding roster management, Rodgers continues his holdout with the Packers.

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