Mike McCarthy Says 1 Thing Stands Out With Tom Brady


There are plenty of reasons why Tom Brady is considered a legend in the NFL. He has a plethora of Super Bowl rings, three MVP awards, and should break every major passing record. And what’s truly remarkable about Brady is that he’s not done yet.

Brady will get to show that he’s still an elite quarterback next Thursday night, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Dallas Cowboys in their season opener.

On Friday, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy revealed what he believes is the most impressive aspect of Brady’s career.

McCarthy couldn’t help but rave about Brady’s longevity. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has been in the league for over two decades, and yet he continues to have success in the late stages of his career.

“Well, I think, like anything – a lot of things, about his game – but longevity. It’s difficult to win a championship in this league,” McCarthy said, via NFL.com. “It’s so difficult to win a Super Bowl and the fact that he’s won seven is just unbelievable. But I think my personal belief, the biggest challenge in this league is to have continued success.

“To have success and to play at that level for such a long period of time, to me, I think that’s a tremendous quality. And he’s living it and he eats it every day. You can just see just the way he goes about it from what you know, from what you hear about, not only his approach and where he is today, but to be able to do it at such a high level for such a long time, that’s what I’m impressed with.”

Even at 44 years old, Brady remains extremely passionate about the game. That’s why he wanted to sign an extension with the Buccaneers this past offseason.

We’ll find out this fall if Brady can extend his dominant reign over the rest of the NFL for at least one more season.


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