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Mike McCarthy Reveals His Reaction To Getting ‘Hard Knocks’

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be featured on HBO’s hit docuseries Hard Knocks this year. While the news was a surprise for some, head coach Mike McCarthy recently revealed just how shocked he was to get the news.

In a recent interview, McCarthy admitted that when he received the call, he nearly crashed his truck. “I almost wrecked my truck when Jerry [Jones] told me,” McCarthy said, per NFL Network’s Jane Slater.

McCarthy was also asked if he was worried at all about how he’d be perceived when the show airs. McCarthy replied that his goal is to just be himself.

Despite being an NFL head coach since 2006 and an coordinator for many years before that, McCarthy has never been on a team that has featured on Hard Knocks. This will be his 15th season as a head coach and second with the Cowboys – but neither of those jobs have made him almost crash his truck.

Mike McCarthy may also be facing some pressure this summer beyond the camera-heavy nature of Hard Knocks.

Last year the Dallas Cowboys went just 6-10 in McCarthy’s first year at the helm. That team gave up more points than any in franchise history. The Cowboys missed the playoffs for the second year in a row.

No doubt that will be a talking point early in the show.

How do you expect Mike McCarthy to perform on HBO’s Hard Knocks this season?

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