Mike Greenberg Names NFL’s Best Player In Week 1


The 2021 NFL season kicked off with an incredible contest between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys last Thursday night.

It also produced the best performance of the weekend, according to ESPN’s Mike Greenberg. During Tuesday morning’s “Get Up”, Greenberg suggested Dak Prescott was the best player he saw all weekend.

He offered up Prescott as the best player and asked the panel of analysts to disagree with his take.

“Of all the players who played in the NFL in week one, the best was Dak Prescott,” Greenberg suggested. “And I say that, and most people think that I hate the Cowboys, which I don’t, but I’m just watching and calling it like I see it.”

Prescott was asked to carry the Cowboys offense and he did just that. The star quarterback threw 58 passes against the Buccaneers as Dallas decided to go away from the running game.

By the end of the fourth quarter, Prescott threw for 403 yards with three touchdowns and one interception.

Greenberg isn’t wrong to select Prescott as his best player of the week. However, there is one other name that deserves to be mentioned.

Arizona Cardinals pass rusher Chandler Jones racked up five sacks on Sunday afternoon against Pro Bowl offensive lineman Taylor Lewan.


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