Michigan Athletic Director Says Chris Webber’s Story Is False


Earlier this week, former Michigan Wolverines star Chris Webber told ESPN that Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel apologized to him.

“I was told by the athletic director at the University of Michigan that he was sorry,” Webber told ESPN “And he wasn’t even there at the time [I was playing]. He told me that he did his research and that he needs to apologize. His exact words [were]he needs ‘to apologize to the 18-year-old Chris Webber because we didn’t protect him.’”

The apology allegedly came after the way the school handled the fallout from the investigation into claims Webber had received illegal payments. However, there may not have been an apology after all.

According to Manuel’s recent comments to the Detroit News, he never made such an apology.

From the Detroit News:

“I enjoyed the conversation with Chris when we met several years ago,” Manuel said. “But I can assure you I made no apology to Chris and, for those who may be curious, I never asked him to apologize to the University of Michigan. I wish Chris nothing but the best, and I’m that he’s being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.”

It’s unclear who is telling the truth in this scenario. However, with Manuel’s comments, it likely won’t be long until Webber speaks out again.

What this means for his relationship with Michigan is uncertain as well.


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