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Michael Irvin Pleads For Help After Getting Robbed

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin is pleading for help after a special family item was taken from him.

Irvin, 55, says a special family jewelry item was stolen from him while he was at a hotel in Miami, Florida.

“I have to come out of this depression. So I am sharing with ALL,” Irvin wrote on Twitter. “This is my necklace that was in my bag. I designed it as a first down chain, holding an all diamond football, which is holding an all diamond cross.”

“On each end of the cross are diamonds I acquired at the birth of my children Myesha, Chelsea, Michael and Elijah. It was a piece I built over my life that represents. Faith, Family and Football and my own sentimental way of praying to GOD please always protect my babies. I am so hurt [it’s] gone.”

Irvin says he was robbed of the item when he put his bags down at the hotel to interact with some fans.

Irvin has reportedly offered a reward to anyone with information on what happened.

It’s unclear if the Miami police department has opened an investigation into the theft.

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