Michael Brockers Offers Insight into How the Lions Can Stop Lamar Jackson.


The Detroit Lions have a big task ahead of them this week, just days after playing on Monday Night Football, and it involves slowing down the Baltimore Ravens’ potent offensive attack.

Despite being hampered by injuries at this point, the Ravens are holding their own with a 1-1 record following a big win over the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday night. The Ravens still managed to put up 481 yards of offense in that game, including 251 on the ground.

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Lamar Jackson, as usual, is the player who makes it all happen. The quarterback is much more than a runner, with the ability to extend plays with his legs and throw on the fly. As defensive lineman Michael Brockers explained in a DetroitLions.com interview, On September 23, it will be up to the Lions to be able to crowd around the ball in the hopes of forcing the Ravens to throw the ball down the field. “He’s a tremendous talent..”

He can do it with his arm or with his legs. The most important aspect of him is that you must attract a large number of people to the game. “Everyone needs to be able to tackle and wrap up,” Brockers explained. “He did have some turnovers, so that’s something we’ll have to look into.” On defense, it’s all about population and everyone getting to the ball. ”

There’s no mystery about what the Ravens want to do this week, and it’s all about running the ball. On third downs, this means the Lions must step up and keep the Ravens at a safe distance. “They want to come down and shove it down your throat..”

They’ll run the ball 50 to 40 times per game, according to Brockers. “We’re prepared for that, and it’s a big part of their offense to run the ball and control the clock.” Coming out on first and second down, putting them in situations where Lamar must throw the ball. ”

Forcing the Ravens to be one-dimensional is easier said than done, but the Lions’ game plan appears to be centered on wearing down Jackson and stopping the run. In the end, the Lions’ ability to force a few of the turnovers Brockers mentions could be the most important factor.

Michael Brockers ejected by Dan Campbell for Setting Tone

If the Lions believe Brockers can pace them this week, that is a good bet. On Tuesday, September 21, Lions coach Dan Campbell singled out Brockers as someone who has been doing everything he can to lead the team and putting in exceptional effort on the field.

As Campbell explained, he noticed players stepping up, citing linebacker Alex Anzalone as an example of someone who would fly around the field and make plays wherever the ball was, which he is pleased to see. “I think Brockers is another example of that; those are the people who set the tone.”

I was under the impression that he was a player. “I thought he did a good job,” he said.

Brockers has already established himself as a leader and has brought the heat with his play. As he gets more comfortable, that’s a good sign for the team’s defense.

Brockers’ Career Stats and Highlights

Brockers’ impact after being drafted first overall by the Rams out of LSU in 2012 cannot be overstated. He’s been a rock in the middle of the team’s line and a player who can punch his way into the pocket. In his career in Los Angeles, Brockers has 387 total tackles, 28 sacks, 9 passes defensed, and 2 forced fumbles. Furthermore, he has played in the Super Bowl and is a seasoned leader the team has been able to rely on during his time in the league.

Here are some highlights:

Brockers has had a good start to the season in Detroit, with nine total tackles and one sack. The Lions will be looking for Brockers to continue to bring his patented pocket pressure and leadership to the team. That’s an important factor to consider for a Lions team that is trying to change its culture overnight, and Brockers could be an excellent leader for a team that has undergone significant change this offseason. With him setting the tone in a short turnaround for Week 3, that could be the case even more.

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