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Mason Crosby Reveals How He Ends Every Conversation With Aaron Rodgers

Packers veteran kicker Mason Crosby has been in contact with Aaron Rodgers several times this offseason. Each time they talk, whether it be on the phone or through text, Crosby has the same message: “See ya in July.”

Crosby and Rodgers are close friends. They have been for a long time. So it’s not too surprising the two have made contact this offseason. Whenever Crosby speaks with Rodgers, he tells him the same thing.

“Every time I talk to him, text him, whatever, I always leave it with… See ya in July,” Crosby said during an interview with Wilde & Tausch. “… As long as he doesn’t say, ‘No I’m not coming.’ It’s hopeful that he’ll be there.”

Take that for what it’s worth. But it’s worth mentioning Rodgers apparently hasn’t told Crosby he’s “not coming.” That could be a clue as to what to expect from Rodgers in regards to the Packers’ upcoming training camp.

The big date to watch concerning Aaron Rodgers’ upcoming plans is July 28. That’s the day the Packers will begin training camp.

If Rodgers attends, it could be a sign he’s willing to put his frustrations behind him and play for Green Bay this fall. If Rodgers isn’t in attendance, it will continue what’s become a dramatic offseason.

Mason Crosby, as well as the rest of the Packers’ organization, has faith Rodgers will suit up in the green and yellow this upcoming season.

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