Mark Sanchez Shares What He’s Hearing About USC Job


Former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez doesn’t expect the Trojans to decide on a new head coach anytime soon.

USC parted ways with Clay Helton on Monday. It was a decision several years in the making. Helton was never going to build USC into a championship contender. The Trojans’ loss to Stanford on Saturday was the final nail in the coffin.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of USC’s decision is the timing. Why now? The decision screams lack of planning from USC leadership. And now the Trojans will most likely turn to interim head coach Donte Williams for the rest of the season.

Sanchez joined Colin Cowherd on The Herd on Tuesday to discuss the USC situation. In doing so, he mentioned that he’s heard USC is going to take its time before deciding on Helton’s replacement.

“Everyone I’ve talked to at the school has said ‘This is going to be a long process,’” Sanchez told Cowherd, via Saturday Down South. “Whether they hire an outside firm or do it internally, it’s a 3-month search. Everybody even thinking about that job, you’re auditioning now. It’s basically the vibe I’m getting. They’re going to take their time. Usually, you do it at the end of the season, you have somebody in mind, do 2 or 3 interviews and, boom, 2 weeks later, new coach. This thing’s going to take 3 months. I really think so. They’re not going to name anybody during the season. I think Donte Williams has a great opportunity as the interim.”

It’s going to be tough for USC to convince a top candidate to leave his program during the season.

The Trojans are probably going to have to wait until the end of the year before deciding on a new head coach.

It may also be worth waiting until the end of the NFL’s 2021-22 season. Several big-name head coaches could be out of work by then, leaving USC in a prime opportunity.


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