Mamamoos Hwasa ‘I’m A B’: MV tops YouTube’s ‘Most Viewed’ K-Pop list in the past 24 hours.


Mamamoos Hwasa ‘I’m A B’: MV tops YouTube’s ‘Most Viewed’ K-Pop list in the past 24 hours.

Hwasa is at the top of the charts with her new single ‘I’m a B * tch’, while all three songs on her single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ top several international charts

Mamamoo members recently celebrated their seventh anniversary in the music industry, the year 2021, with their online concert “WAW”. Additionally, it left her fans begging for more. Mamamoo then announced their compilation album in August 2021, which features new versions of some of their best tracks. The compilation album titled “I Say Mamamoo: The Best” was released along with the lead single “Mumumumuch” on September 15 when the album climbed to # 8 on the Gaon domestic album chart, proving that the Even after that group it still has so many years in the industry.

Since the album’s release and success, the four members of the Mamamoo have all been engaged in solo activities. Moonbyul even announced during a magazine shoot and interview that she was busy working on her solo album these days. She gave some more information about it and said, “I think it will be a chance to fully show my emotional and sentimental side.” With more solo releases planned, fans are already getting to work by streaming non-stop. It is reported that the single album released by Hwasa entitled “Guilty Pleasure” became an overnight hit.


Hwasa released her second solo album “Guilty Pleasure” on November 24th with the title track “I’m a B”. The letter B stands for both the derogatory English word “B * tch” and the Korean word “빛”, which is pronounced as “bich”, which means “light”. The music video for the single has topped YouTube’s most watched K-pop music videos for the past 24 hours. Within a day of its launch, it had a total of 1.7 million views and has steadily gained more views and is currently 2.4 million views.

In addition, Hwasa has apparently taken over the domestic music charts with the three-track album “Guilty Pleasure”, while “I’m a B” (also known as “I’m a Light”) leads the real-time top Bugs- Charts as well as other music charts. The other two singles on the album titled ‘FOMO’ and ‘Bless U’ were not far behind as the two songs also gained a lot of popularity and entered several international charts.

The song “I’m a B” topped the iTunes Top Song Charts in 19 countries and regions around the world, including regions such as Singapore, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Colombia and Lithuania. The single is Hwasa’s first project where she worked with an international producer. The song with global appeal offers a trendy sound that spreads freely on a heavy bass line.

Hwasa’s b-side single, ‘Guilty Pleasure’, titled ‘Fomo’ also ranked # 1 in Costa Rica and entered the top 10 on iTunes top song charts in 20 countries and regions around the world, despite being the B-side track is that goes on to prove Hwasa’s unfiltered charm and popularity.

Fans rave about the songs by Hwasa on Twitter as they call it the new “Song of the Year”. One fan said, “Not being biased, but the Ab sounds good for the first few seconds. It doesn’t have that” Oh let’s wait for the chorus, it might be okay “kind of energy right off the bat, it sounds amazing. ” Another fan said: “I’ll be on hwasa new song in 4 seconds and it deserves soty.” One fan said, “Sorry for being AB * TCH. ITS LIT.” Another fan wished, “God please, let hwasa do the year-end shows in the Ab.” Another fan said: “BUT HOLY F * CK, THE QUALITY HAS GOT ITS CRAZY HWASA IM DOWN.” Another fan said, “No, but I’m so damn good, you’re a genius.”

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