Major College Football Coach Put On Hot Seat After Week 1


Week 1 of the 2021 college football season isn’t completely in the books, as Notre Dame will play Florida State on Sunday night, with Ole Miss facing Louisville on Monday evening. The majority of the country’s teams have already opened their season, though.

With Week 1 mostly in the books, which head coaches are already on the hot seat?

Nebraska’s Scott Frost is certainly on the list following his team’s loss to Illinois in Week 0, but the Huskers bounced back in Week 1 with a blowout win over Fordham.

LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron is topping USA TODAY’s hot seat list following Week 1.


How much trouble? We don’t know yet. When this all shakes out, we might learn Saturday wasn’t actually a terrible loss for the Tigers, who spent the past week coping with the fallout from Hurricane Ida and displacement to Houston for their game preparations.

But with every loss since that night in New Orleans when Orgeron was on top of the world — and there have been six of them in the past 11 games — the 2019 LSU team looks more like a bolt from the sky. Reality looks more like what we saw Saturday night against UCLA, when the Tigers got mediocre quarterback play and averaged 2.0 yards on 25 rushing attempts.

LSU is still just a little more than a season removed from its national championship. However, the Tigers disappointed in 2020 and are off to a poor start in 2021.

Coach O needs to get back on track – and fast.


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