Madonna vs Instagram: Queen of Pop sees red as Instagram deletes nipple-bared images.


Madonna vs Instagram: Queen of Pop sees red as Instagram deletes nipple-bared images.

Madonna isn’t happy when Instagram removed and notified her racy pics for violating guidelines.

A lot of things have upset Madonna in the recent past, her Instagram updates reveal. A recently added list of things the Queen of Pop sees red is Instagram’s guidelines prohibiting women from posting photos with nipples, with the exception of still photos. Madonna slammed the platform’s policies on nudity, which she labeled “sexist” after removing her recent racy images of wearing a skimpy strap bra and fishnet thong. Madonna posted the formerly nipple-bared pics with minor changes, but she’s not silent about being censored.

In the photos in question, Madonna crouched on a bed while looking suggestively at the camera, in another photo she posed with nothing but a bed sheet covering the lower half of her body while lying on her side on her bed and in the Camera smiled. In another photo she slipped under the bed, only her thong-clad bottom was in front and in the middle of the picture. Madonna received a lot of criticism for posting this initially, most of the comments being fans making it age-damaging. “Why baby why !!! ???! You’re better than that!” read a comment. “I’m ashamed, my God, I never thought I’d say that one day, and yet I am ashamed of what my idol will become,” wrote another Madonna in the comment. “Having self-respect at this age will suit you better,” wrote another. “Instead of taking these ridiculous pictures, make good quality music like you used to do,” wrote another. “Stop showing your ass, we saw a lot of it with the sex book and it was brave back then. Now it’s just classless and it has nothing to do with your age, ”another comment said.


Madonna republished edited photos from the same series to combat censorship, label the practice as misogynistic and sexist, and deprive women of agency. Her caption read, “I am posting photos that Instagram removed without warning or notification … The reason they told my management that doesn’t manage my account was that a small part of my nipple was exposed. We live in a culture. We live in a culture. We live in a culture.” that allows to show every inch of the female body, except for a nipple.

“As if that were the only part of the female anatomy that could be sexualized. The nipple that feeds the baby! . Can’t you experience a man’s nipple as erotic ?? !! Thank you for managing to keep my mind through four decades of censorship …… Sexism …… Age Discrimination and Misogyny on Plymouth Rock! God bless America #artistsareheretodisturbthepeace, “she concluded. Her latest post received mixed reactions from fans, with some supporting her while others reviled her for the racy nature of the images.

Another thing that annoyed Madonna in the recent past was the lack of support she felt during a commercial with V Magazine for her documentary “Madame X”. In a post she thanked the people who completed the project “against all odds”. Part of her caption read: “Thank you to everyone who supported us and slept on the couches and worked long hours, and free of charge to everyone for supporting Madame X, who is not only here to disturb the peace, but to keep it up . Art Alive, I send you all a big kiss! “People resented the part where she mentioned people were working for free. They slammed it because, despite her amazing fortune, she hadn’t paid those out of her own Bags helped.

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