Mac Jones Reveals If He’s Thought About Replacing Tom Brady


Ever since he was selected by New England with the 15th overall pick in the 2021 draft, Mac Jones has been compared to one Patriots legend: Tom Brady.

With his impressive accuracy and ability to work through complex progressions, Jones is already being dubbed heir apparent to the GOAT.

Through 20 seasons with the Pats, Brady led the franchise to six Super Bowl titles.

When asked if Brady’s prior success puts any pressure on him to perform in his first year as a starting quarterback, Jones did his best to deflect the question.

“I think, obviously, he’s a great player,” Jones said of Brady during a press conference on Wednesday. “The word ‘standard’ kind of hit me there because we all want to play to that standard, The Patriot Way, and really it comes down to just doing your job. As a quarterback, that’s leading the people around me as best as I can and that’s also executing the plays. So, hand it off or throw it, that’s pretty much how it comes down to.

“[Brady] definitely did a good job,” Jones added. “When I first got here just watching tape, I watched all the quarterbacks. So obviously he was on there and he did a really, really good job. Hopefully I can do a good job too.”

After an impressive preseason, Jones beat out 2020 starter Cam Newton in a intense QB battle just last week.

Looking to get the Patriots back on track following Brady’s departure, Jones and New England will kickoff their 2021 season with a matchup against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.


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