Lottery winner threw in £ 140,000 for thinking her boyfriend was “playing a prank”.


Lottery winner threw in £ 140,000 for thinking her boyfriend was “playing a prank”.

The young woman assumed she was the victim of a prank when she discovered she had a winning scratch card that will give her a giant in Australian dollars every week for five years

A young lottery winner was on the verge of desperately searching her trash to find a rubble of winnings after initially believing she was the victim of a cruel prank.

The woman, who was not named, threw away the Live the Life scratch card that would have given her £ 140,000 in five years.

Her boyfriend had bought her The Lott, Australia’s counterpart to the lottery, but believed the winner was a fake.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman said: “My friend surprised me the other day and brought me a couple of tickets home, and one of them was this ticket.

“The first time I scratched it I thought it wasn’t going to win anything, so I just tossed it in the bin.”

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The couple, who live on the island of St. Helena, almost lost their money, but luckily their boyfriend noticed the ticket was in the trash can.

Even though he tried to tell her it was real, she still got none of it and still believed it was a novelty card.

The ticket must contain three Live the Life logos to qualify for the grand prize of the ticket of $ 5 (approximately £ 2.70).

She added, “I didn’t believe a word he said. I assumed he was just kidding me or it was some kind of novelty ticket.”

The boyfriend reportedly made the woman read the back of the scratch card, which she did three times before realizing the win was indeed real.

The winning scratch card, known as Scratch-Its, will give the woman a thousand Australian dollars (approximately £ 540) every week for five years.

The woman is still shocked by the incident and says she has not yet planned how she will spend the money but said she would “definitely” try to use her profits to help her buy a house .

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