Look: Undrafted Player Showed Up To Cowboys Practice


During this Tuesday’s practice for the Dallas Cowboys, undrafted running back/wide receiver James Harden was in attendance. And before anyone asks, no, he’s not related to the James Harden who plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

Harden was in attendance this afternoon with a sign that said “I’m back! Route runner, hard worker. What’s the issue?” The sign that Harden was holding included his phone number.

There’s no guarantee this stunt by Harden will earn him a tryout in the NFL, but it’s worth a shot.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Harden was playing for indoor pro leagues. He also spent time in the Fan Controlled Football League.

In a recent interview with JZ Media, Harden revealed what he’d bring to an NFL roster. He believes his passion and work ethic can really help out any team.

“I am a player that brings a lot of positive energy,” Harden said, via JZ Media. “I have a great work ethic and really I play with a lot of passion. Speed is one of my biggest assets on the football field, it helps me get open and I’ve gotten open against some NFL defensive backs with it but really I am also just a player that can play everywhere. Put me on the offensive line if you have to. I will bring it my all.”

Hopefully, Harden will get a chance to show what he can do on the gridiron before this year’s preseason wraps up.


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