Look: RG3’s Tweet About Jameis Winston Is Going Viral


Jameis Winston is the talk of the NFL world in Week 1.

The New Orleans Saints dominated the Green Bay Packers to open the regular season. The Saints topped the Packers, 38-3, in Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon – the game was relocated due to the effects of Hurricane Ida.

Winston was very. He threw for just 148 yards, but had five touchdowns on 14 of 20 passes.

Former NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III took to social media following the game to tweet about Jameis.

“After beating Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Jameis Winston is now requesting strategy meetings with the Saints brass and demanding 5 crab legs, 1 for every touchdown he threw, be placed in his locker every day for consumption since he ate a W,” tweeted RG3.

Fans aren’t loving this, though.

“Yeah, I was a fan before this. This is bad. I’m detecting low self esteem and jealousy,” one fan suggested.

“This is objectively not funny. It’s hard to screw up a Jameis joke too,” another fan added.

“This is a bad tweet,” another fan wrote.

Jameis doesn’t have to worry about any tweets, though. He led the Saints to a huge Week 1 victory over Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

“That was for the city. Shout out to New Orleans. We did that for them. We knew how much it would mean to get a victory,” Winston told reporters following the win.

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