Look: Refs Getting Crushed For Horrible Call In Washington


The early worst call of the year by the NFL’s officials took place in this afternoon’s Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Chargers game.

The officials in this afternoon’s contest between the Football Team and the Chargers made a disastrous fumble call.

For some reason, the officials in the game called this clear pass attempt by Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert a fumble.

Even the Washington Football Team’s official Twitter account could admit it was a brutal call.

“at first it may look like an incompletion BUT IT’S ACTUALLY A FORCED FUMBLE TOUCHBACK AND OUR BALL BABY,” Washington Football Team’s official account tweeted.

Here’s another angle:

Longtime NFL referee Gene Steratore weighed in on the call.

“Although the ruling on the field was fumble, I believe there was enough evidence to overturn this to an incomplete pass. IMO Herbert’s arm is moving forward with the ball under his control,” he tweeted.

Washington is leading Los Angeles, 16-13, late in the third quarter.

This afternoon’s game is airing on local CBS stations.


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