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Look: Patrick Beverley Has A Message For Chris Paul

Clippers guard Patrick Beverley let emotions get the best of him during the waning moments of Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals.

Beverley and Chris Paul had quite the battle throughout the series. Paul often got the better of the Clippers’ hard-nosed guard, especially in Game 6. Paul poured in 41 points and eight assists Wednesday night. It was a memorable effort from one of the NBA’s best point guards.

After yet another clutch bucket by the Suns‘ veteran point guard in Game 6, Beverley had seen enough. He took his frustrations out on Paul by shoving him in the back. He was ejected, as a result. It was an ugly act of poor sportsmanship from the Clippers’ guard.

Beverley already regrets how he treated Paul Wednesday night. He sent the Suns point guard an apologetic message via Twitter on Thursday.

“@CP3 emotions got the best of me last night gang. My bad wasn’t meant for you,” Beverley said on Twitter. “Congrats on making it to the Finals. Best of Luck.”

Take a look.

We’re not sure what Patrick Beverley means when he says the push “wasn’t meant” for Chris Paul. It was pretty blatant that was exactly who it was meant for.

Paul stared Beverley down after hitting a clutch shot in the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s game. Once Paul had his back turned, Beverley shoved the veteran point guard to the ground.

Regardless, Beverley seems to regret how he behaved late in Game 6. He’ll have a long off-season to think more about his ugly display of poor sportsmanship.

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