Look: Ohio State Fan Loses Bet To Oregon Fan, Gets Duck Tattoo


It was a bad weekend for Ohio State fans. The Buckeyes lost to Oregon. Michigan won. Oh, and one fan had to pay up on a lost bet in a pretty embarrassing way.

Then No. 12 Oregon shocked the college football world with its upset of previously third-ranked Ohio State on Saturday. It wasn’t just the fact that the Ducks won, it was how they did it. Mario Cristobal’s culture of physicality and motor was on full display against an Ohio State team that was out-worked and out-muscled all game long.

To make matters worse, the loss happened in Columbus. Ryan Day had never lost a regular-season game as Ohio State’s head coach until now. It was an embarrassing performance by the Buckeyes, but no one was more embarrassed than one OSU fan in particular.

An Ohio State fan made a bet with an Oregon fan and lost. It resulted in the Buckeyes fan getting a Duck tattoo on his right thigh.

At least he’ll be able to cover it up with shorts and pants.

If we’re being honest, we don’t blame this fan for making the bet in the first place. Ohio State was 9-0 against Oregon entering Saturday’s game. But this year’s Oregon team isn’t the same kind of Oregon team the Buckeyes have played in the past.

The Ducks are full of four- and five-star players now. Their coaching staff is one of the best in the business. Facilities and strength programs are top-notch. The bottom line is Mario Cristobal has Oregon on the verge of competing for championships.

We’d advise fans to avoid making bets predicated on Oregon losing in the near future. Ohio State fans will certainly take the Ducks seriously from now on.


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