Look: NFL Fans Are Furious With Roughing The Passer Call


It wouldn’t be the official start of the NFL regular season without a weak roughing the passer call or two.

We got one in Sunday afternoon’s game between the Patriots and the Dolphins. A Miami defender was called for an extremely weak roughing the passer penalty on New England quarterback Mac Jones.

Jones was hit low by a Dolphins pass rusher, but not to the point that necessitated a roughing the passer call.

You be the judge:

The NFL wants to protect its quarterbacks and avoid season-ending knee injuries. However, it’s unclear what the Dolphins defender is supposed to do there.

“One of the objectively weakest roughing the passer calls you’re ever going to see,” Dolphins reporter Marcel Louis-Jacques tweeted.

“Mac Jones just benefited from the Brady Rule. Pass rusher can’t fall into the planted leg of QB. But Roberts just went low and pulled him down for a clean sack. Not a dangerous hit. Bad call. Next play: Mac’s 1st TD pass,” Skip Bayless added.

The Patriots and the Dolphins are tied, 10-10, at halftime of Sunday’s game.

The contest between New England and Miami is airing on CBS.


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