Look: Mark Sanchez Does Incredible Ed Orgeron Impression


Former NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez revealed his hidden talent during a recent interview on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast.” It turns out the USC product can mimic LSU head coach Ed Orgeron’s voice.

Sanchez showed off his Orgeron impression while telling a hilarious story to Cowherd.

“Ed Orgeron walked me in his office at LSU and he handed me some 30-pound dumbbells,” Sanchez said. “He’s got this rack of weights in his office and he goes ‘Hey, let’s get a little arm work in. Come on… come on now. Don’t forget those shoulders.’ I’m like ‘Oh my god.’ He said, ‘Hey, how’s your daddy doing? Is he still fighting them fires out there? Man, he’s a tough son of a b***h now.’”

That impression from Sanchez stunned Cowherd, who said it was easily the best one he’s ever heard.

Here’s the hilarious exchange between Cowherd and Sanchez:

We’ve seen plenty of people impersonate Orgeron in the past. That being said, Sanchez might just be the best at copying Coach O’s voice.

Some fans are hoping that Sanchez will compete against Joey Mulinaro of Barstool Sports to see who does a better Ed Orgeron impression. It would be quite entertaining to say the least.


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