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Look: Mark Cuban Has An Offer For Cole Beasley

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has extended an offer to Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Beasley is currently not vaccinated, and has been outspoken about his personal choice. Today, he indicated on Twitter he’d be willing to get vaccinated — on one condition.

“I’ll get vaccinated and be an advocate for it if Pfizer puts a percentage of its earnings from the vaccine in my wife’s name,” Beasley wrote.

That might seem like an absurd proposal, and clearly Pfizer won’t take Beasley up on it. But Cuban has, offering the veteran slot receiver Pfizer stock for his wife in exchange for him receiving the COVID vaccine.

“I’ll tell you what Cole. You get vaccinated and promote vaccination on all your social, I’ll buy your wife a share of Pfizer stock,” Cuban said. “It pays a 3.78% dividend. That way she is getting a percentage of Pfizer’s earnings. Deal?”

We don’t doubt that Cuban means business here, and will pony up if Beasley decides he’ll get inoculated.

We’re still betting that he’ll hold out, but we’ll keep you posted if Beasley responds to Cuban’s offer.

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