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Look: Lane Kiffin Responds To Ole Miss Cheerleader Rumor

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin has never been afraid to clap back when he feels slighted by someone. So it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that he responded to a rumor about a relationship with an Ole Miss cheerleader.

Last week, a few Mississippi State fans started spreading the rumor that Kiffin got a cheerleader pregnant. But it was the way the rumor was described that had Kiffin laughing out loud.

“I heard Kiffin done knocked up an ex-Ole Miss cheerleader whose father just so happens to be an Ole Miss professor,” one Twitter user wrote. A few days later, Kiffin retweeted the post with a message of his own:

“The best part of this rumor is the usage of ‘DONE knocked up,’” Kiffin wrote, adding a laughing emoji. “Some people…”

SEC Media Days are coming up and there’s a good chance that this question will pop up. Knowing Kiffin, he’ll probably laugh at the question before dismissing it to move on.

Lane Kiffin had a solid first season as head coach of the Rebels. He led them to a 5-5 overall record, culminating in a 26-20 upset win over No. 11 Indiana.

But Kiffin’s Rebels struggled mightily against the resident powers of the SEC. They were blown out by Florida and Alabama and suffered losses to Arkansas and Auburn.

Fortunately, the upcoming schedule appears very favorable to the Rebels for the most part. Bowl eligibility seems like a given, with seven or more wins very doable.

Hopefully Kiffin can avoid celebrating his wins too much.

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