Look: Kyle Shanahan Had A Pretty Fun 4th Of July


The 4th of July has come and gone, but not before leaving us with plenty of hilarious videos of how some NFL people celebrated it. Among the many who had a fun time is San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Over the weekend, Shanahan hung out with former 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley. As boring as a head coach and retired player spending time together might sound, it was anything but.

At one point, Staley and Shanahan head to the roof of a house. Football in hand, Shanahan apparently wagers with Staley and friends that he can toss a football to the other side of the street.

Despite Staley warning Shanahan that he might hit a kid, Shanahan throws the ball anyway. Judging by the sound the ball makes, Shanahan definitely hit something.

Joe Staley would reveal later that day that Kyle Shanahan’s ball landed in a pizza oven. And he wasn’t above gloating over how right he was.

“Made it in the pizza oven from across the street,” Staley tweeted. “Called it.”

Ouch. Well at least we know that Kyle Shanahan won’t be his team’s backup quarterback if he needs one in a pinch.

Then again, after the season they just had, he couldn’t have been much worse during the 2020 season.

It’s no secret that Shanahan loves throwing the ball around in practice. But it’s pretty clear that he’s better coaching football than throwing one.


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