Look: Hilarious SEC Coaching Graphic Is Going Viral


The SEC attracts a lot of interesting characters to the head coaching positions within its football programs. And one graphic highlighting all 14 SEC coaches (plus a few others) is going viral for it.

On Wednesday, Twitter user @notkdk3 posted an interesting image featuring the SEC coaches. The caption read “If I didn’t know anything about College Football, here is what I’d guess each SEC Coach did for a living.”

They then show a graphic of all of the coaches, with the name of certain jobs listed under their head shot. Alabama’s Nick Saban gets the label “Car Salesman” while Ole Miss’ Lane Kiffin gets “Pharmaceutical Sales.”

There are plenty of other gems in there too. Vanderbilt’s Clark Lea gets labeled “Politician” while Mike Leach gets “Divorce Attorney.”

All in all, it’s a pretty succinct list if we’re being honest. Check it out:

The list wasn’t without some controversy though. Some people didn’t like Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian making the list and being labeled “DUI Lawyer” due to his past battles with alcoholism.

Nevertheless, the reaction to the list has been almost overwhelmingly positive. Thousands of likes and retweets and hundreds of comments fill the tweet.

No doubt someone is going to try and replicate this list with other conferences or even other sports.

Which of the SEC coaches in the graphic do you think were right on the money? Which would you change?


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