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Look: Heisman Trophy Makes Embarrassing Ohio State Mistake

Earlier today, the Heisman Trophy trust celebrated the birthday of a former Heisman Trophy winner – although there was a slight problem.

The official Instagram account for the Heisman Trophy celebrated the birthday of former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith. The photo contained the caption: “Happy Birthday to our 2006 winner Troy Smith.”

Unfortunately, the photo the Heisman Trophy account used was not of Troy Smith. Instead, the photo showed former Buckeyes quarterback and wide receiver Braxton Miller.

One fan pointed out the problem. Check it out.

It’s possible the Heisman account mislabeled the photo and accidentally published the wrong one. However, it’s not a great look when trying to celebrate one player and using the photo of a completely different one.

To make matters worse, Miller never even won a Heisman Trophy. He was in the mix for the Heisman on two different occasions, finishing fifth in 2012 and ninth in 2013.

Unfortunately for the Heisman Trophy trust, it seems that no one has recognized the mistake. The photo celebrating Troy Smith, but featuring Braxton Miller remains up over an hour after it was initially posted.

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