Look: ‘Hard Knocks’ Hints At Next Move In New Video


On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed there could be changes coming to HBO’s Hard Knocks.

“An announcement will be made during halftime of Thursday night’s Giants-WFT game that will involve the future of the Hard Knocks’ series, per a league official,” Schefter said in the tweet.

Well, just a few hours later, NFL Films released an update of its own for the popular documentary series. In a teaser video, NFL Films hinted that Hard Knocks will announce its new destination on Thursday night.

Hard Knocks has left Dallas. Thursday night at halftime, find out where it’s headed next and when,” the text in the video said.

While we don’t know exactly what the plan is, it sounds like Hard Knocks might be taking a stab at the producing a regular season show.

Every edition of the show up until this point has featured preseason activity. However, with the video highlighting where AND when, a regular season show could be in the works.

The show’s most recent 16th season followed the Dallas Cowboys as they prepared for this year’s 2021-22 season.

Where will Hard Knocks head next?


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