Look: Football World Reacts To Ridiculous Officiating Moment


How have we not significantly improved football’s chain measuring operation at this point?

Sunday night, a ridiculous officiating moment in the Notre Dame at Florida State game went viral on social media.

The referees had the chains out to measure for a first down. The referees seemed to mess it up and were forced to re-measure.

Look at how ridiculous this is:

How have we not improved this by now?

Football fans across the world are perplexed.

“On top of the fact that the spot was off to begin with heck sometimes the referee spotting the ball gets bumped before he puts the ball down and has to guess where his foot was for the spot its mind blowing,” one fan tweeted.

“The most mind-boggling, stressful, embarrassing aspect of this great game,” one fan added.

“If only there was some technology that could track the ball electronically,” another fan added.

Football really needs to come up with a better solution. If tennis can use sky cameras and trackers to determine whether or not a ball touched a line, football can figure out how to electronically measure for a first down.


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