Look: Extremely Gross Scene At FedEx Field Today


The Washington Football Team have called FedExField in Summerfield, Maryland their home for nearly 25 years. But while it’s not an ancient stadium, it may need some immediate repairs after today’s gross scene.

During today’s game between Washington and the Los Angeles Chargers, a fan recorded footage of water leaking into the stands. But the poor fans sitting in the path of the water quickly realized it wasn’t exactly fresh water.

“That’s sewage,” one of the fans in the video could be heard saying. Other fans quickly began clearing the area as the smell of the sewer water started reaching their noses.

The video has quickly gone viral with thousands of people “admiring” the scene of raining sewage at the game. The Barstool Sports post has over 2,800 likes and over 1,300 retweets in less than 20 minutes.

But the comments are very on-point:

“There’s a lot of symbolism here,” one fan said in a retweet.

“Accurate representation of the Washington Football Team,” another Twitter user said.

“Sums up the current state of the football team,” wrote another.

There were many more comments, but almost all of them involved some toilet humor.

FedExField has been criticized a lot over the years for a wide variety of reasons. But faulty plumbing is one of those things that should probably get real involvement from the owners ASAP.

The game is being played on CBS.


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