Look: Deion Sanders’ Sideline Outfit Going Viral Tonight


Few NFL players, if any, had has much swag during their playing days as Deion Sanders. It makes sense that he would bring that to his coaching days.

Jackson State, the college football program led by the former NFL star, is opening its 2021 regular season against Florida A&M on Sunday afternoon. The Tigers lead the Rattlers, 7-6, on Sunday evening.

Sanders’ sideline look is going viral on social media.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer turned college football head coach is rocking some pretty awesome sunglasses on the sideline.

That’s a pretty awesome sideline look. Sanders brought some big-time energy before kickoff on Sunday afternoon, too.

Sanders’ program is rocking some very shiny helmets, as well. Unsurprisingly, those helmets are also going viral on social media.

Jackson State is looking to start the season with a victory. The program went 4-3 in Sanders’ first season earlier this year.

The contest between Jackson State and Florida A&M is currently airing on ESPN2.


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