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Look: Danica Patrick Is Enjoying The NBA Finals

Former race car driver turned business woman Danica Patrick continues to enjoy the NBA playoffs.

Patrick, who was often spotted at Milwaukee Bucks games while dating Aaron Rodgers, has since moved on to a new relationship. She’s now dating Carter Comstock, one of the co-founders of Freshly, a meal delivery service.

Earlier this summer, Patrick and Comstock were spotted at a Phoenix Suns playoff game. 

“We both love to travel and we’re both super open-minded,” Patrick said. “And, like, I had this sort of grand vision for finding someone that I could just sit on the couch with and, like, have a glass of wine and literally come up with any topic at all, simple or complicated, and just go, ‘Let’s talk about a tree.’”

“And, just go for two hours on like the nature of a tree. I just always imagined how great it would be to like find someone that you just sit on the couch and talk to for hours and that’s just what we do.”

Patrick appears to be enjoying Game 4 of the NBA Finals from home. She posted a funny photo on her Instagram Story.

Danica Patrick on her Instagram Story.

Danica Patrick on her Instagram Story.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals is currently airing on ABC.

Phoenix leads Milwaukee, 2-1, in the series.

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