Look: Crazy Video Of North Carolina Fan Is Going Viral


Tensions were running high at Friday night’s North Carolina-Virginia Tech showdown, and one fan lost control of his emotions.

The Hokies frustrated the Tar Heels’ offense on Friday, holding quarterback Sam Howell to just 208 passing yards and one touchdown with just three interceptions. Howell wasn’t the only Tar Heel Virginia Tech frustrated.

During the game, a middle-aged North Carolina fan got upset at someone in the Virginia Tech student section. He started climbing the bleachers to engage in a fight. When he arrived, he landed  a a punch on someone who appeared to be a student. Others in the student section stepped in and either got involved in the scuffle or tried to put it to a stop.

Luckily, a security guard was close by. He intervened and tried to separate the pile.

This just can’t happen at sports games. Unfortunately, it’s been happening way more often this year compared to prior years.

Fans forgot what it’s like to attend games. Many areas of the country didn’t allow fans to attend games last year because of the pandemic. They’re now having to readjust to what it’s like to be in an intense environment.

If schools want to cut back on fights, hiring more security guards would be an appropriate response. It wouldn’t stop all fights, but it’d definitely have more guards in the right areas at the right times

It will be interesting to see whether or not the North Carolina fan in the video above eventually faces disciplinary action.


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