Look: Controversial Tweet About Brett Favre Goes Viral


A controversial tweet about legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre went viral on social media earlier this weekend.

The tweet was in response to the news that United States sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson has been suspended for 30 days for testing positive for THC, the substance in marijuana, which is still banned by the track committee.

Richardson has taken responsibility for her positive test, though she admitted it happened following the death of her mother.

“We all have our different struggles, we all have our different things we deal with, but to put on a face and have to go out in front of the world and put on a face and hide my pain,” Richardson said. “Who are you? Who am I to tell you how to cope when you’re dealing with a pain or you’re dealing with a struggle that you’ve never experienced before or that you never thought you’d have to deal with. Who am I to tell you how to cope? Who am I to tell you you’re wrong for hurting?”

That news sparked the following tweet about Favre, who was trending on Twitter on Saturday night.

Unsurprisingly, that tweet has been shot down by many.

While Favre didn’t smoke before that game – that we know of, anyway – he’s fully admitted to struggling with pain-killers over the course of his career. Favre was finally able to get past them during the 1996 season.

“I had eight pills in my possession. Eight pills would not do what I needed it to do. It would give me zero buzz,” Favre said in an episode of Bolling With Favre, his podcast. “I was home in Mississippi and I was as low as I possibly could be, even though I had won the Super Bowl and won three MVPs in a row. I was low. I said, it’s one of two things: I die, or I flush these pills down the toilet.

“I sat by the toilet for two hours, and eventually, I dumped the pills in the toilet, flushed them, and I almost wanted to kill myself because of doing that.”

Many have since shot down the tweet about Favre and the comparison to Richardson.

Here’s a good rule of thumb in this life: If you’re tempted to use Brett Favre as a role model for anything, there’s probably a very quick Google search that will tell you that’s not a good idea,” one fan wrote.

While Richardson will not be competing in the 100m dash at the Summer Olympics, she still has big plans for her future.

“I’m sorry, I can’t be y’all Olympic Champ this year but I promise I’ll be your World Champ next year,” she says.


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