Look: College Football Reporter Shares Disturbing Video


Don’t touch reporters. Don’t yell something into their live shots. A camera isn’t an excuse to act like an idiot.

The above might seem like common sense for some, but for many, it apparently is not.

Lyndsey Gough, the sports director for WTOC11 in Georgia, shared a disturbing video of her live shot from the Georgia vs. Clemson game on Saturday evening.

“After the first guy touched me I started rolling… this isn’t even all of it. So uncomfortable. Can we please respect people’s space,” she tweeted.

After a game, it’s understandable for fans to want to celebrate. However, there’s a line, and sneaking up behind a reporter to touch her or her equipment is clearing crossing it.

“Many times reporters are expected to do these live shots alone (often at night) with no photographer and no crowd control assistance. Please folks…we get that you’re excited about the game, but as she said…respect her space. She cannot see you coming up behind her,” ESPN’s Jenna Laine tweeted.

“Love sports fans, except when they do this. Be respectful, it isn’t hard,” Chris Arnold added.

Georgia beat Clemson, 10-3, on Saturday evening.


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