Look: Cleveland Browns Tease Big July Announcement


The Cleveland Browns are coming off their best season since re-launching in 1999, and their first playoff win over two decades. And it appears they’ve got big plans for the 2021 season.

On Monday, the Browns teased a big announcement coming up later this month. The teaser consists of the silhouette of a Browns player with the colors hidden next to the date “7.24.21.”

It’s also worth noting that the player in the silhouette is wearing the No. 75 jersey. The 2021 NFL season will mark the Browns’ 75th season in professional football. They played their first four seasons in the All-American Football Conference from 1946 to 1949 before joining the NFL in 1950.

It’s very likely that the Browns have big plans for their 75th anniversary season. And Browns fans are quickly putting the pieces together.

Fans didn’t need more than a millisecond to determine that the teaser is the announcement of new jerseys. Whether they’re throwback jerseys or primary jerseys remains to be seen, but fans have quickly submitted their preferred designs.

The consensus certainly seems to be orange jerseys.

“The best day for orange jerseys was yesterday. The next best day for orange jerseys is TODAY!” one fan wrote.

“Please be orange alternates !!!” wrote another.

“Gotta be orange jerseys right?” another fan replied.

What kind of jersey design are you looking forward to seeing the Browns roll out this year?


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