Look: Aaron Rodgers Liked Tweet From Packers Teammate


It remains to be seen when or even if Aaron Rodgers will return to the Green Bay Packers. But with radio silence from both parties as far as his future with the team goes, one social media action is what we have to work with.

Earlier this week, Packers wide receiver Davante Adams expressed some frustration over his current contract situation. Amid reported interest from the Las Vegas Raiders and his college quarterback Derek Carr in recruiting him to Vegas, Adams took to Twitter and wrote “Crazy we never know what the future holds.”

As cryptic as that tweet is, there was person who found the tweet especially interesting: Aaron Rodgers. Today, people noticed that Rodgers is one of over 16,000 people to have liked the cryptic Adams tweet.

Rodgers has been spending a lot of time on Twitter liking Wisconsin-related tweets, so perhaps it’s nothing. But Rodgers hasn’t exactly been hiding his alleged frustrations with the team lately.

Much like Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams is reportedly upset with the Packers. Though while Rodgers’ issues may be about personal gripes with the organizations, Adams’ might be about money and nothing more.

Whatever the case may be, Rodgers has given no signs that he’s joining the team for training camp this summer. And unless he reaches some new understanding with the team, that could cost him a lot of money.

Who is more likely to be out of Green Bay by next year – Adams or Rodgers?


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