Look: Aaron Rodgers Builds His Perfect Golfer For ‘The Match’


Aaron Rodgers is set to team up with Bryson DeChambeau for “The Match” against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson this Tuesday. And he’s having some fun ahead of the big event.

In a recent interview, Rodgers was asked to design the “perfect” golfer using the four “The Match” participants. What he came up with will definitely have you laughing.

For feet and ankles, he chose his own since he’s got the biggest feet in the group. The calves would be Mickelson’s since he’s “very sensitive about his calves,” while DeChambeau’s knees and quads would be used since he’s had the fewest surgeries on them.

The hips would be Rodgers’ while the torso would be Brady’s. Rodgers volunteered his own neck but would give the “perfect golfer” Tom Brady’s jawline and hairline.

Phil Mickelson’s KPMG had would be worn, as would Bryson DeChambeau’s “90s-style” wardrobe.

Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson are 0-1 as a team in The Match. Last year at The Match: Champions for Charity they lost to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods.

But Mickelson found redemption alongside Charles Barkley, beating Manning and Steph Curry at The Match: Champions for Change.

This will be the first edition of the event to feature Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau though.

The Match will take place at Montana’s Moonlight Basin on July 6 and will air on TNT.

Would this “perfect golfer” win a major?


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