Look: 1 Rule In Old 49ers Playbook Is Going Viral


Every team in the NFL has a personal conduct policy that lists their expectations for each player and how they should conduct themselves off the field. This has pretty much always been the case, but the fine print has certainly changed.

On Saturday, Darren Rovell of Action Network posted a picture of an old playbook from the San Francisco 49ers. He claims the playbook is from the late ’80s.

The post from Rovell has picked up a lot of steam on social media strictly because the old personal conduct policy stated that 49ers players could be fined depending on which visitors they allowed at their hotel rooms during the season.

Apparently, the coaching staff for the 49ers would grade these visitors based on appearance.

“Players should avoid visitors in their rooms at training camp, on road trips, or in the motel during home games – this applies to male and female guests. Fines will be levied at the discretion of the head coach,” the playbook read. “Female visitors will be judged as to appearance, and poise on a 1-10 scale. Fines will be increased in direct proportion to a player’s lack of good taste. The head coach’s evaluation is final.”

Here’s a picture of the 49ers playbook that’s going viral:

This is obviously a bad look for San Francisco, but it’s tough to tell what will come out of this since it took place over three decades ago.

We’d imagine current playbooks for NFL teams don’t include this type of policy.


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