LeBron’s Ex-Teammate Reveals His Advice For Ben Simmons


After his historic problems in the NBA playoffs, Ben Simmons heads into an offseason of uncertainty. But while LeBron James hasn’t said anything to the Philadelphia 76ers star publicly about his issues, one of LeBron’s ex-teammates decided to fill the void.

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, former NBA center Channing Frye volunteered to “speak for” LeBron. He said that he (and LeBron) would suggest that Simmons train to switch hands from his right to his left.

Frye believes that if Simmons learns to shoot with his other hand, it may work because “it’s new” and can be trained fresh. He pointed out that it worked for LeBron and could work for Simmons.

“I’m just going to speak for him (LeBron). I’d tell him (Simmons) to switch hands.” Frye said. “LeBron is left-handed and he shoots right-handed but he does things left-handed. Ben, you already can’t get any lower cuz you don’t take shots. So let’s work with the other hand, because then it’s new, it’s fresh and you don’t have the ‘yips’.”

Ben Simmons was historically bad at shooting during the NBA playoffs. He set records for low accuracy, particularly from the free throw line.

Simmons’ struggles in the postseason have led many to openly doubt his future with the 76ers. He’s been mentioned in just about every trade proposal involving the Sixers as they try to make things work.

What worked for LeBron may or may not work for Ben Simmons. But it’s clear that the status quo cannot be maintained.

Should Simmons take Frye’s advice and switch hands, or is there something else he can do instead?


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