LeBron James Advisor Responds To The Rachel Nichols Story


ESPN’s Rachel Nichols is in the midst of the latest NBA controversy, which also involves Maria Taylor and a LeBron James‘ advisor.

Nichols was caught on a hot mic having a conversation with said advisor, Adam Mendelsohn, while in the Orlando bubble during last year’s NBA Playoffs. The New York Times obtained the audio and released its findings in a recent article.

During the conversation, Nichols vented frustration surrounding ESPN wanting to give Taylor some of Nichols’ responsibilities with the network. She alluded to the fact ESPN was only doing so because of its “crappy” history with diversity within the company.

Mendelsohn then had something to say about the ‘Me Too’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements.

“I don’t know. I’m exhausted,” Mendelsohn said during the conversation. “Between Me Too and Black Lives Matter, I got nothing left.”

The bombshell comment has been met with heavy backlash. Mendelsohn, LeBron James’ PR advisor, has since issued a response.

“I shouldn’t have said it or even thought it,” Mendelsohn said in an email to CNBC, via Clutch Points.

“I work to support these movements and know that the people affected by these issues never get to be exhausted or have nothing left. I have to continue to check my privilege and work to be a better ally.”

LeBron James has been a major advocate for movements trying to better improve the lives of minorities. Now knowing his own PR advisor has grown “exhausted” by them, it could strain their relationship.

ESPN, meanwhile, has yet to take action against Nichols.


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