Lane Kiffin Reveals Where Nick Saban Learned His Go-To Joke


Earlier this week, one Alabama football player made headlines following his comment about head coach Nick Saban at a press conference.

Reporters asked safety Jordan Battle what his favorite Nick Saban sayings are. Unfortunately, the young player brought up a somewhat inappropriate series of jokes the head coach allegedly likes to tell.

Turns out, the 69-year-old coach is a fan of “deez nuts” jokes. Battle’s comments at the press conference hit social media and quickly went viral.

On Wednesday afternoon, former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin added some context to the situation. Kiffin said the jokes actually began after former Alabama defensive back Marlon Humphrey introduced Saban to the bit.

Marlon Humphrey himself wouldn’t confirm nor deny the rumors.

Saban doesn’t often give fans a glimpse into his personality, but he’s opened up over the past few years. While he won’t be openly admitting his affinity for “deez nuts” jokes, it’s good to see he can relax every now and then.

However, the seven-time national champion knows his team needs to be locked in this weekend. Alabama faces off against No. 11 Florida in its biggest test of the season thus far.

Kickoff from Gainesville is set for 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.


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