Lamar Jackson Has Message For Critics After Viral Video


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has taken a lot of heat this week for practicing football drills on the concrete. Naturally, the former NFL MVP was quick to respond to his detractors.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Jackson made it clear that he was just having fun with some local kids. He said that it’s better for them to be having fun with football than getting into more dangerous activities.

“Itz better to have them kidz out there having fun then playing with gunz and [s-t] so next year we running it back with even more fun,” Jackson said.

Lamar Jackson’s message has quickly gone viral, garnering over 4,000 likes in just a few minutes since publishing. It probably won’t satisfy the critics, but it’s definitely satisfied his fans and teammates.

“My QB…!” Ravens star Marlon Humphrey said in a retweet.

“My guys is great for the ppl… but ppl love dragging is name through the mud like he’s out here be a menace to society!” one fan wrote.

“Facts. Keeping em out of trouble and giving back to the youth. Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” wrote another.

Jackson is coming off his third straight winning season with the Ravens. While he didn’t quite match the MVP heights of 2019, he recorded his first playoff win.

Lamar Jackson is now in line for a big contract extension, and he’ll probably get it regardless of how many times he plays football on concrete.


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