Kyrie Irving comments on James Harden and the Nets’ pending contract negotiations.


When the Brooklyn Nets’ season ended in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, general manager Sean Marks and his front office had one major goal for the offseason. The goal was to sign long-term contract extensions for the Nets’ ‘big three,’ James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Before the team entered training camp, Marks hoped to have all three of the Nets’ stars signed to new contracts. This summer, Durant signed a four-year, $198 million extension with the Nets, but Kyrie and Harden have yet to be extended. Harden says he’s keeping his cool during the process. “Honestly, I’m taking my time..”

I need to concentrate on bringing a championship to this city. According to NetsDaily, Harden said to reporters during Nets media day, “I’m just being patient with it.” “I went through a lot last year, and I want to make sure I’m in the right mindset, knowing that I want to spend the rest of my career in Brooklyn.” There’s no rush, and we’re going to enjoy ourselves. ”

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Kyrie on Harden’s Extension

Kyrie is eligible to sign a four-year, $181 million contract. This year, he received a $6 million contract extension to stay with the franchise. But, like his backcourt partner, he hasn’t made any official announcements. Kyrie claims that the ‘big three’ are in constant contact and that he respects Harden’s decision to wait before signing his extension. “I definitely respect James’ stance..”

He’ll make the best decision for himself and his family. According to NetsDaily, Kyrie told reporters during Nets media day, “I know we’re all really close.” “We just have open communication with each other, so we know how each other is feeling in relation to each other, but we have mutual respect for each other.” I know he’ll do what’s best for him, and I’ll do the same for him. ”


Kevin Durant Wanted To Get Extension Done ‘Immediately’

While Harden and Irving were in constant communication, Durant took a different path. Durant didn’t waste any time signing his contract extension this summer, as he did so shortly after returning home from the Tokyo Olympics. According to Marks, the Nets’ star didn’t want to waste any time in finalizing a deal. “We definitely had conversations with all three of them..”

According to Yahoo, Marks told reporters in August, “Kevin was obviously very straightforward and very upfront like, ‘I want to be here, get it done, and get it done immediately.” “As far as Kai and James are concerned, we’re currently having those discussions with them. In terms of the first days of free agency, I don’t think there’s any pressing need to sign any of these guys. ”

Despite the fact that Durant’s contract was completed quickly, he insists that it was not rushed. The contract’s timing was ideal for what he was attempting to achieve. According to NetsDaily, Durant told reporters during media day, “I just wanted to be here and thought it was perfect timing for me to do so.” “It felt good to finish it and commit to the team, the organization, and my teammates, and we’ll keep working from here.” While Irving and Harden’s contract extensions have yet to be finalized, the good news for Nets fans is that the two stars sound optimistic that a deal will be reached soon. It’s possible that we’re witnessing the start of the next great dynasty.

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