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Kevin Durant Already Calling The Bucks A ‘Dynasty’ After Last Night’s Title

The “dynasty” determination in sports is usually reserved for teams that have won multiple titles in a short period of time. The Milwaukee Bucks just won their first in the Giannis Antetokounmpo era, and first since 1971, but Kevin Durant isn’t afraid to slap that label on the team that knocked out his Brooklyn Nets in a dramatic seven-game series.

The Bucks hadn’t broken through for a title before this year, but had been on the precipice with Mike Budenholzer at head coach. After back-to-back one-seeds in the Eastern Conference, the Bucks were third in an extremely tight race for the top of the conference this year, just behind the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets.

After exercising some demons by sweeping the Miami Heat, they outlasted Brooklyn in a wild seven-game series, winning by literal inches. A last-second shot by Kevin Durant had his toe just on the line. Had it been a three, and not a two, the Nets would have won the game in regulation. Instead Giannis and company snuck it out in overtime.

They’d go on to beat the upstart Atlanta Hawks in a competitive six games, and then won four in a row, after falling in the first two, to beat the Phoenix Suns for the title. With the long term consistency that they’ve had, Kevin Durant isn’t afraid to slap the dynasty title on them well before most would.

“I know it’s the first chip and a lot of people call you a dynasty after a few (titles), but the continuity of that team is something that’s impressive and how they continue to build and add and now they’re champions, and you can appreciate that,” Durant told The Athletic as he prepares to play in the Tokyo Olympics.

“To see a couple of friends become champions today was cool. That experience doesn’t happen for just anybody, so you respect that journey.”

Durant’s Olympics squad is set to add a pair of those dynastic stars, in Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday, as well as Devin Booker from the Suns.

It’s an interesting nod from the ever-competitive KD. If the Nets can overcome the defending champions next year, it may make it all the sweeter though.

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