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Kendrick Perkins Announces Update On Jalen Rose Relationship

Throughout this year’s NBA playoffs, ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins made blasphemous statements about Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. He tried to backtrack after the Bucks won the title on Tuesday night, but Jalen Rose wouldn’t let him get off easy.

During this past Wednesday’s edition of Get Up on ESPN, Rose brought up every single comment Perkins made about the Bucks that aged poorly in the Finals. Perkins didn’t appreciate Rose’s remarks, which is why he called him out on Twitter.

“Just know when you’re thriving upwards it’s going to be the ones you least expect that’s going to be praying on your downfall,” Perkins wrote. “I came into the media world and did it my way with no handout or favors just straight grind. I’m going to keep SHINING for you HATERS! Carry on.”

Rose quickly responded to Perkins’ tweet, writing “I just tried to call you. Nobody praying for your downfall or hating on you. Sorry if you took it that way Perk.”

NBA fans were wondering how this potential rift could affect ESPN’s basketball coverage moving forward. Fortunately for the network, Perkins issued an encouraging update on his relationship with Rose this afternoon.

Me and my brother Jalen Rose just had well needed heart to heart conversation like real ones do! Carry the hell on,” Perkins tweeted on Thursday. 

Perkins is one of the most entertaining analysts ESPN has, no one will deny that. The downside, however, is that he often changes his stance on a certain topic multiple times in the span of a week.

We’ll see if Rose’s recent rant on Perkins will inspire him to be a bit more cautious with his basketball takes.

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