Joe Theismann Reacts To The Quarterback Trade Rumors


The Washington Football Team seemingly filled its hole at quarterback this offseason by signing free agent veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, many seem to think that the franchise could still be a factor if Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers are made available by their current teams.

Still, at least one key voice around the organization doesn’t think that Washington will make a move for either of the star players.

Former Washington Football Team quarterback Joe Theismann explained why he thinks the franchise won’t be seriously looking to pick up either of the two quarterbacks in a trade.

“I don’t see Washington making a play for anybody,” Theismann said in an appearance on the Tiki and Tierney show, per 247Sports. “Deshaun, you just don’t know how that’s going to shake out. You just really don’t know, and I think that would be very, very unlikely.”

When it comes to pursuing Rodgers, Theismann thinks Washington won’t be willing to part with the massive draft compensation to complete a potential deal.

“And the Aaron Rodgers thing would be completely out of the question because you’d mortgage the future,” the former MVP said.

Instead, Theismann thinks the team will be content with Fitzpatrick under center. The 38-year-old is fresh off of another productive year and has already established himself as a leader on his new team.

“I feel very confident in the fact that we have Ryan as our quarterback going into this particular season,” Theismann said of Fitzpatrick. “He just keeps playing, and he’s actually been playing at a high level.”

Washington still managed to win the NFC East despite shaky play at the quarterback position in 2020. If Fitzpatrick can provide steady play throughout the year, the franchise should feel good about its prospects this fall.


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