Joe Burrow Reacts To The Changes In College Sports


College sports, as we now know them, are changing for the better. And it’s long overdue, if you ask college football legend Joe Burrow.

College athletes will now be able to be compensated for their name, image and likeness. The NCAA made the ruling official Wednesday night. We’ve already seen a number of college athletes cash in on various endorsement deals.

Had college athletes been able to be compensated for their respective NIL when Burrow was still at LSU, he probably would’ve been one of the highest-earning players in college football history. Luckily, Burrow is now making millions in the NFL, so not all is lost.

The NFL quarterback is happy the NCAA finally gave up its grasp on college athletes. He admitted as much in a tweet on Thursday.

“Exciting time for college athletes,” Burrow said via Twitter. “Most excited for non-scholarship athletes who may have been working jobs outside of sports to make ends meet. Free meals, sponsored posts, signings will make their lives a lot easier. Long overdue.”

Take a look.

The NCAA’s new ruling on player compensation will change the lives of many.

The top college athletes will obviously cash in on major endorsement deals. Even walk-ons could end up striking deals that could be life-changing.

Joe Burrow didn’t get the opportunity to earn money based off his NIL while playing for the LSU Tigers, but others will in coming months.


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