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Jimmy Johnson Says 1 Thing Is ‘Frustrating’ Urban Meyer

Few coaches in football history, if any, have been as successful in college and the NFL as Jimmy Johnson. The Hall of Fame head coach won a national championship at Miami and two Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys. He will rightfully be inducted into Canton, Ohio later this summer.

Urban Meyer is attempting to replicate Johnson’s success. The former Ohio State head coach won three national championships at the college level – one with the Buckeyes and two at Florida. Meyer will now attempt to win a championship with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

One thing is currently “frustrating” Meyer, though, according to Johnson.

Johnson, a friend of Meyer’s, spoke with USA TODAY Sports about the college head coach’s transition to the NFL.

“He’s a little frustrated right now because he’s spent so little time with the players,” Johnson said Wednesday.

“He’s accustomed to being around the players all the time, and they weren’t able to do that because of COVID-19.”

Johnson is confident that Meyer will be a success, though.

“Urban’s very thorough. Urban has spent his due diligence getting ready for this job,” Johnson added.

“He knew what he was getting into when he accepted the job. We had numerous conversations during the job process. And I think he’ll do a great job. He knows how important personnel is. He knows how to deal with people.”

There will likely be some bumps along the way – Meyer and the Jaguars have already been fined for improper offseason activity – but Meyer has won everywhere he’s been. It wouldn’t be surprising if the same is true in the NFL.

Regardless, it’s going to be fun to watch.

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