Jeopardy! Has Reportedly Decided On Its Next Host


“Jeopardy!” has reportedly found its next host — and no, it’s not Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

According to recent reports from Varietythe game show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, is currently involved in “advanced negotiations” with Sony Pictures Television to replace longtime host Alex Trebek, who passed away in November of 2020.

Richards, 46, joined the show’s production team just last year and Sony was reportedly impressed with his guest-host performance back in February. While it appears Richards is set to be the next host, Sony wouldn’t make an official statement on the matter.

The studio claims to still be in talks with “several potential candidates,” per Variety.

For a time, Rodgers seemed to be one of these candidates.

The three-time NFL MVP and “Jeopardy!” super-fan served as a guest host for 10 episodes from Apr. 5-Apr. 16. Rodgers himself has vocally expressed interest in someday taking over as full-time host of the show — and his recent disputes with the Green Bay Packers franchise led some to speculate about a potential career swap for the superstar QB.

But with these recent reports and Rodgers showing up to Packers training camp earlier this month, it appears that possibility is becoming all the more unlikely.


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